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dB Snorkel Measurement

The dB Snorkel fits any extruded aluminum motorcycle or ATV exhaust silencer with a circumference of 9 7/8 inches (9.875" or 250mm). However, it will stretch to fit aluminum silencers that are slightly larger in size.

The dB Snorkel was designed to fit 2-stroke competition (motocross) motorcycles that have an after-market spark-arrested or non spark-arrested oval, extruded-aluminum silencer, or an add-on spark arrester.

However, it fits, for example, the stock exhaust of a 1994 Honda XR100 - so use your imagination (Please read FAQ page).

You can trim the over-all length of the dB Snorkel with a razor knife to make it fit aluminum silencers that are short in length.

Mount the dB Snorkel by pressing it onto the end of your existing aluminum silencer. Secure it with three large band clamps and two aluminum mounting brackets (supplied). If your aluminum silencer has an extruded rib, file off the rib for a distance of one inch from the end.

The dB Snorkel is easy to mount when you need it and easy to remove when you don't.

How does it work?
The dB Snorkel is made of tough, high-temperature elastomers that absorb exhaust noise. You will experience up to 8 db(A) less noise.

The louder your existing aluminum silencer, the more dramatic the noise reduction using the dB Snorkel.

The db Snorkel is part of the solution to 2-stroke engine exhaust noise. Once the noise exiting the exhaust is quieted to a certain level, the engine noise and "ping" from the expansion chamber becomes noticeable.

For comparison purposes, removing the fiberglass packing from a "Popular Oval-Canister Spark-Arrested Quiet Silencer" will result in about 4 dB(A) more noise in the 20" Test.

About the Design:
There are two exhaust openings in the dB Snorkel. The smaller opening acts to release the peak of the high-pressure exhaust pulse. The second (and larger) opening channels the exhaust and noise down a longer path where the noise is absorbed by the elastomer. As an added bargain, you get two exhaust pulses exiting the dB Snorkel out-of-phase with each other. The result is less noise detected by the sound meter AND by the human ear. All of this for the price of little or no effect on engine performance.

The design of the dB Snorkel also helps to direct the exhaust away from you and your motorcycle and acts as a wash plug to keep water out of your silencer.

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